Who's publishing data?


Why CivicData for Government Agencies?



A free open data solution, CivicData enables agencies to unlock the value of open data without digging into their budgets.

Industry Leaders

Expert Guidance

Accela offers expertise from leaders in the open data community who have experience leading successful open data programs from within government agencies.

Built on CKAN

Open Source

Built on open source using CKAN, a dependable and secure best-in-breed open source platform also used by the federal government’s data.gov, the UK, Australia, Open Colorado and many local and state jurisdictions .

Why CivicData for Developers?

Actionable Data

Government Partnerships

As a trusted partner with over 60 different state and local governments nationwide using CivicData to publish their datasets, we help you build meaningful solutions and partnerships.

Easy-to-use API

Single Location

CivicData is the only open government platform that brings together highly-actionable up-to-date government data from multiple agencies in a single location, enabling you to build scalable solutions across multiple jurisdictions.

Community Outreach

Powerful APIs

Widely used, powerful and well documented APIs that are ready to build on within minutes.

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Data - the Infrastructure of the Digital World

Governments provide infrastructure, like roads, sewers, and transit systems, that support economic and business development by enabling entrepreneurs to build businesses. The infrastructure of the digital world is data. As Tim O’Reilly says, data is the “lifeblood of the economy and the nation,” and access to this data is the only way businesses can reap value of the data. With the rise of the Internet and technology,... read more