UT-COMPAIRQUA-18(More Detailed EPA Data)

Jira ticket http://jira.bigdatautah.org/browse/COMPAIRQUA-18 Web site detail http://aqsdr1.epa.gov/aqsweb/aqstmp/airdata/download_files.html

From the Site:Some contain data summarized on an annual basis (annual summary files), some contain data summarized on a daily basis (daily summary), and some contain raw data (sample data as reported). These are the standard time aggregations EPA calculates and stores (we do not have monthly data). The daily summary and raw categories have data files grouped by parameter:

Criteria Gases Particulates Meteorological Toxics (see note below) and Lead Blanks (Blanks are empty cannisters that are measured for speciation quality assurance reasons) The annual summary files are small enough to include all data in one file.

Each group has data listed by year, in reverse order, back to 1990.

Each table entry has the file name, linked to the file, the size of the (zipped) file, the number of data rows in the file, and the date the file was last modified. EPA will update these files twice per year; in the spring and fall (late May and November). Keep in mind, data collection agencies have up to 6 months to report their data.

The files are all comma separated text with a header. Each aggregate level has a different format.

Note on Toxics. EPA has several ways of grouping parameters. For the parameters listed here as toxics we have included two groups of parameters: Core HAPS (Hazardous Air Pollutants) and UATMP VOCs (Urban Air Toxics Monitoring Program Volatile Organic Compounds). These lists include the parameters as defined in the EPA AQS system as "CORE HAPS" and "UATMP VOCS". You can view the list or parameters included in either the HAPS or VOCS category.

If you are interested in Air Quality Index (AQI) values, use the Daily Summary files. AQI is calculated each day for each monitor for the Criteria Gases and PM10 and PM2.5 (FRM and non FRM). The AQI values are on the respective records in those Daily Summary files.

For reference, there is also a file listing all of the files on this page and the date they were modified. Each file also includes the last change date of each record in the file.

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